BHS Performing Arts Presents: “Four Acts for Laughs” this Weekend!


The cast and crew of Four Acts for Laughs have been working hard to present this year’s Fall Drama! While different from most shows you’ve probably seen, this show consists of four one-act plays, with all being comedies. While they’re all very different, they’re still very enjoyable and could get you a good laugh. 

The first show is called The Audition, which is essentially a play about an audition for a musical, but from the director’s side of it with all of the actors he has to experience, both good and bad. Some think they’re better than others, and some don’t want to be involved at all. There’s competition, disinterest, confusion, and so much more wrapped into this half hour act. Even though the play they are auditioning for is a drama, there’s still singing and dancing involved, with some in the show who choose to show off their talents more than others (whether it’s acting, singing, or dancing). While some of these acts impress the director, Mr. Torrence, and the stage manager, Carmen, some anger them greatly, or are just disconcerting.

The second show is called A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to 5th Period, a very detailed and complicated show with a big plot. The gist of it is that there’s a bully named Burp, and his “apprentice” of sorts, Bugs. Burp tends to pray on bookworm Tommy. Tommy sees Burp’s soon to be graduation from high school as an opportunity to change things around and to not be picked on by Bugs the following year. However, the only way he’s able to make this situation happen is to get Bugs a date to prom with the lead actress of the school show, but prom ticket purchases are due by 5th period. While trying to reach his goal by getting Bugs a date, things begin to unravel, leading him to encounter several obstacles in his way.

The third show is named 13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview, being exactly how it sounds. It portrays all the ways you can have a truly terrible college interview along with the interviewers who have to sit through it. The two interviewers shown in this act have to go through their school’s waitlist to find someone to enlist in the fall semester so as to not get fired but don’t have the best options laid out in front of them. While the students are either qualified to apply but have something off about them, or they’re completely unfit for the school, all of these interview scenes are certainly a sight to see.

The final show is definitely the biggest and most involved, called 15 Reasons Not to be in a Play, and includes a variety of roles. Throughout the whole show, the cast remains on stage the entire time wearing all black clothes, and then add on pieces of clothing for various roles. While the show is mainly explanatory, 15 Reasons Not to Be In a Play explores the comical side of reasons you shouldn’t be in a play, performed by actors who are indeed performing in a play. Whether it includes a monologue, a two-person scene, or the whole cast, this play has everyone involved, with a lot of moving parts of movement, lines, and even choreography like fight scenes or falling over and “dying.”

It’s hard to pick a “best show” among all 4 of these; they’re all great and highly enjoyable! You can enjoy them all on Thursday, November 4th, right after school at 3:15! Tickets for that day are FREE for students and teachers! Not sure how to get tickets? Contact any of the cast members below (including myself) and ask for a ticket, and your name can get put down. Don’t wait too long to get your name down though! We hope you’ll come and support the show and have an enjoyable experience! 


The Cast: 

William Acevedo, Tahj Arnold, Arianna Arocho, Ivelisse Arocho, Michael Baio, Lucas Bertone, Samantha Coppola, Gentijana Dervishaj, Franceska Drejaj, Shayla Franklin, Mia Irizarry, Hannah Krempler, Maeve Looby, Natasha Larencule, Ariana Vernile Marks, Sabas Coronado Mejia, Olivia Mesika, Keilee Mojica, Natalie Navarro, Alexandra Schajer, Zachary Simmons, Cyan Stockfield

Director: Alex Siriani

Student Director: Emily Sullivan

Assistant Student Director: Olivia Mesika

Featuring and Crew Chief: Gabe Stalker