“4 Laughs For Acts,” BHS Fall Comedy is a Hilarious and Nonstop Success

Brewster High School’s 2021 Fall Drama 4 Acts For Laughs successfully premiered November 4th, 5th and 6th. The four acts, directed by Alex Siriani, brought a new play with four different comedies to the stage. The stories have individual plots and characters as well as jokes!
Starting it off with a hilarious start of “The Audition,” the quirky story focused on how the students performed their own auditions for an upcoming musical. Each character had his or her own personality, from the dancing machine and all around star Yuma (played by Franceska Drejaj), to the heartbreaking story of Soleil (played by Arianna Arocho). “The Audition” definitely surprised me with incorporating important real life scenarios while also making me laugh the whole time.
The second show, “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to Fifth Period,” featured Tommy (Michael Baio), the unfortunate bookworm, who is faced with a complicated scheme. He needs to get bully Bugs (Lucas Bertone) a date to prom with the lead actress of the school show (Shayla Franklin) in order to have Bugs change his ways. Things don’t go as expected, and many hurdles have Tommy scratching his head. But in the end, he was able to figure it out, although not so easily. The story had a collection of loopholes and challenges which made the ending humorous as everything unraveled.
“13 Ways To Screw Up A College Interview,” the third show, is exactly how it sounds. The desperate interviewers were completely out of luck when they needed one last person to fill their college semester. They were forced to look at the college’s wait-list, which was filled with crazy candidates, each of whom were extremely unfit for the school: a practicing vampire (Shayla Franklin), a horrible magician (Alexandra Schajer), and a snoozing sleeper (Olivia Mesika). But when all hope is lost, a beam of light finally grants the interviewers with a qualified graduate, but gets cast away when she’s offered a different college. The story was an absolute comical delight through each scene and interview.
The ending show, “15 Reasons Why Not To Be In A Play” is definitely a twist! It surprised you with how deep each of the students are with their agony and hate of being in a play. The ending play had a full set change with dramatic monologues that made you giggle with its absurdness.
All four parts in the comedy show were a delight to engage in and watch. It was able to make me laugh every time and bring a sense of realness to the material. I felt each personality shine through with their passion for what they were portraying. In short, it was a wonderful show with many laughs that came along with it!