Car Corner: Pushin’ Power for the Best Price Possible


Ergys Derri, Editorial Board

In this day and age, being a power hungry car lover, I want the most powerful car that I can get my hands on. However, with the money that I have, I can’t really get my hands on much, so I’m here to help people like me who want that absolute sleeper. With the prices going from $5,000, $10,000, and only going up to $15,000, I’ll suggest for you a car that packs a punch harder than you could ever imagine: machines made for fun but for a low, low price.

But, before we go scurrying around, there’s something we gotta know. These cars are elegant in their own ways as well as being sleepers. This means on the outside they look like a “mom car,” but under the hood, they are machines of excellence in their own ways.


For this category we will touch on two cars that I think are a nice addition to your garage. First being the Honda Civic Si. No matter what, when we think about cars we all know how reliable and well-known Civics are. They aren’t praised for being the flashiest and definitely not the fastest, but they are the perfect everyday car. Yet, with just enough cash you can take this old 2014 Si Civic with that lovely V-Tec engine and really push some power out of it. With that unbreakable FWD 2.4 L 4 cylinder, you can genuinely have fun without breaking the bank. Plus, the tunability of this car is immense. You can find hundreds everywhere to help your car see its true potential. Again, it’s a Honda. There not breaking every other day *cough* *cough* Subaru owners*. Again, this car for the entry level person is a great bang for their buck by just being the perfect “regular” car.



Now we get into a car that was and is known to be one of the best cars to be made. The 2000 Audi S4. Everything in this car is a 10/10. The power out of this little mom car pins you to your seat with a great interior to be pinned to. That 2.7 L V6 paired with the Quattro system is a blessing and it’s a 4 door sedan. So if you wanna bring your friends for a “light” drive you can. Plus, with it not having many mechanical problems, these are one of the best cars on the market for its price. Plus it came STANDARD with a 6 speed manual. What more do you want? So let’s run it down: great engine, one of the best AWD systems known, great speed, good luxury for its time, and 6 speed make it one of the best sleepers this world has seen.



This car is my dream car. Put simply, it’s an underrated piece of German machinery, that I have had the pleasure of not only riding in, but driving it as well. I am talking about the 2008-2009 Mercedes-Benz E55/E63. Now I know that with the previous cars, I bored you with the statistics and small details, but, this car is really hidden from everyone when it shouldn’t be, having everything handcrafted by AMG. There’s so much in this car yet so little. On the outside, it looks old, and in all honesty, it is kind of old. Yet the sheer power this car has amazes people to this day. It simply is a car that there are not many words to say about it. It’s just that good. BUT, in the end it all depends on people’s taste.

Sleepers are made for this purpose. They are made to look like the worst car on the road. That’s what makes them beautiful. They are again hidden gems for car people that are waiting to be dug up for people to really enjoy. Now, in no way am I promoting speeding or any illegal car activities, but all I’m gonna say is, all those things you see Ferraris and Lamborghinis do, they can do, but for half the price. So use this information wisely in your next purchase and in the end be safe, but have fun.