14 Things I Wish I Knew Before Graduating from Brewster HS


Mrs. Schumacher’s 12R Students

Experience breeds wisdom, but wisdom isn’t easy to come by on its own: sometimes we really need to depend upon the kindness of strangers. Those who have been there are the ones that have the insight to help you get by. So, Ms. Schumacher’s period 1 English students have a bit of wisdom that they’ve learned from their 4 years that they would like to pass on to their undergraduate peers:

Don’t smoke weed in the school bathroom – I know it sounds ridiculous, but kids have and will. All your actions against the handbook will have consequences. Don’t leave school if you are not allowed. Don’t vape, smoke, drink or have sex anywhere on school grounds. Don’t even wear offensive clothing. These things may seem like a good idea in the moment, but trust us and don’t do them. – Emma C. & Meghan B.

Don’t let anyone manipulate you; you’re not a sheep, you’re an independent person, you are the wolf – Perhaps the most important life advice I could give anyone is this piece of advice. Far too often do I see this not only happening in the confines of this school but outside. It’s the conform and be cool or be cast-out. Who cares if you’re cool? That doesn’t matter as soon as you get out of here. News flash: even if you’re cool in high school you could completely suck outside of school. You are your own person. Never, EVER, forget that. Do not be a follower, be the one that gets away from the path, you are not the prey. You are the mighty predator that can do fantastic things, go forth and be on top, be dominant, be a difference. – Nick A.

Don’t treat teachers like your friends. Use formal speech. Be respectful – Being polite is very important everywhere, especially at school – Sabrina J. & Michela F.

Be respectful to all your peers and turn the other cheek if they disrespect you. Remember, you won’t get along with everyone – This is a good skill to help you in a workplace. Your co-workers aren’t always going to be kind, some may not even like you. However, it’s your job, and you have to put up with it. You can’t go running to mommy or daddy or even your boss complaining about them. GROW UP. – Layloni G. & Vanessa D.

She might not be pretty now, but she could be beautiful later – That girl who was a little goofy or nerdy and went unnoticed freshman year may just become the focus of everyone’s attention senior year as she has grown into a beautiful woman. – Chris Z., Tom L. & Pat G.

I wish I knew high school went by so fast – Make everything count because from the time you get into high school everything will just fly by. So have fun and cherish the memories you make in high school. – Jared T. & Christian L.

Don’t be a rude dude – Being mean won’t get you very far and will only cause more trouble than anything. More enemies will appear instead of friends when you are being rude and mean, and the ones you do make can turn on you easily. – Ardian R. & Brandon E.

Utilize every study hall – If you just fool around in a study hall and not get anything done in that period, you are going to have a long night. These study halls are here to help you try to get some work done before you go home. – Kevin H. & Nick L.

There’s always a consequence for doing dumb stuff – You will always have a consequence for anything you do wrong in high school, and it will affect your school life. If you find yourself suspended, you will find it hard to catch up in the classroom. If you’re in after school detention, you can’t hang out with friends. It’s different in high school compared to other grade schools because you have so many more freedoms and responsibilities, and those are taken away when you get in trouble. – Kevin C. & Tommy E.

Be wary of your social media presence – Colleges DO look at you social media!!!!! You want to be sure that colleges will not reject you just because you had a red cup in one of your popular Instagram photo, plain and simple!! – John D. & Ryan F.

Get enough sleep – You need the sleep. Trust me. – Anthony U. & Tim N.

Every homework credit counts – Missing homeworks add up quickly, and before you know it, you are failing that class. – Scott J & Cole C.

It always gets better – It may not today, it may not tomorrow or next year but eventually it will. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen that you can’t control. It’s okay and it will always get better. Trust me. – Taylor G.

Listen to your parents – You are going to fight with your parents. You are going to think you know more than your parents. Then you are going to realize they are your biggest supports and are right about everything. Growing up and becoming a young adult might lead to some clashes with your parents. But remember they only want what is best for you, and you will be missing them terribly once college starts. – Emma C. & Meghan B.