Hidden Magic Presents: Bear Facts Educator of the Issue – June 2022

Mattie Fitzpatrick, Editorial Board

Mrs. Dawn Rossi

If you’ve ever stayed after school and taken the after school bus home, you’ve heard this, ‘It’s that time of the day folks!” The voice over the intercom is cheery and lively as she requests that you begin making your way to the top, and when you finally do, you’re greeted with a bright smile and a witty remark. Mrs. Rossi is a staple after school for the students of Brewster High School.

She’s able to brighten any day by teasing her students or sharing a snack until she gets a smile from them. She’s an icon in the community and an incredible teacher for all of those who interact with her. She’s unique in both her sense of humor and her capacity to understand her students’ needs. Although there is a lot to miss about Brewster High School, Mrs. Rossi is certainly one of the main things. Senior Angelika Tyhansky said, “I see Mrs. Rossi during my sixth period class and she is so personable. She’s always looking to encourage or lift me up, whether it be by telling stories or cracking jokes, and that makes my day.” She listens to her students and never gets sick of writing bus passes for all of them no matter how many times they forget them. Harry Tepper, one of Mrs. Rossi’s many students, said, “I have to say Mrs. Rossi is great. She is pretty funny and we joke around with each other all the time and when she was out recently, I really missed having someone to talk to and have fun with.”

In my past four years at Brewster High School, Mrs. Rossi has been one of my most consistent cheerleaders, and I wouldn’t be where I am right now without her. She’s my role model and an incredible person. Her love for her students is so unique and special. Everyone at BHS is so lucky to have her, and not just at the front desk. So the next time you are in the high school around 3:15 pm, make sure that you are listening to your daily reminder and know that someone is always looking out for you.