Sometimes, You Just Know: My Quinnipiac Love Story


Julia Villani

Monday, February 4, 2019: Today I fell in love with Quinnipiac University. As I walked onto the campus, I immediately noticed the beautiful, cleanly kept grounds. I took in the neatly edged lawn that ran all the way to the tree line behind the classroom buildings as the sun shone through the trees.
I looked at my mom – she knew my smile said it all.

I felt increasingly excited as we began our tour, which consisted of only one other girl and myself. We followed the brick path all around the campus, all the while the sun was brightly shining and rising, so was my spirit.

We entered the student center, and all I could imagine was how comfortable I would be there. Even the study room looked inviting, which fed my growing desire to learn…
My love for Quinnipiac grew as we continued on. I would stop for quick moments to snap various shots of the campus in front of me, knowing that later that night I would want to look back and relive the happiness I felt in those moments.

Quinnipiac is not the first college campus I have visited; I have been on quite a few campus tours. But none of them made me as happy as Quinnipiac did. I felt like all of the stress that had been bottled up inside of me for the past few months just drifted away in the winds of Hamden, Connecticut. I beamed at the sight of the beautiful dorm rooms, imagining myself there with new friends.

I saw myself become immersed in college life in this welcoming environment. I knew Quinnipiac was a place I could make my own. A second home.

I looked at my mom and said, “This is the one, this is where I want to be.

”We enjoyed lunch surrounded by the noise of the other young men and women who must have also felt the bliss I was enjoying: students who listened to their hearts and chose Quinnipiac. Leaving the campus later that day, I knew I would be back soon, except next time it would be with all my stuff and a smile that said home.

Located in Central Connecticut and established in 1929, Quinnipiac University consists of three main campuses and teaches over 9000 students.