Bear Facts Top Ten Presents: My Favorite Animated Films

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Bear Facts Top Ten Presents: My Favorite Animated Films

Zach Salvo

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With the return of Woody, Buzz and Jessie this summer in Toy Story 4, our thoughts go to animated movies. Here are my choices for the Top 10 Animated Movies!

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  • 1. Toy Story (Disney: Pixar) This has to be one of my all-time favorite movies ever. It’s about a bunch of toys and what happens when we aren’t around. They come alive! It is a great story arc of the two main characters Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear who are both trying to be Andy’s favorite toy. (Although Buzz believes that he is real.) We see the two characters start off as enemies, only to become best friends when all things are said and done, not to mention when they are, “falling with style.”

  • 2. How to Train Your Dragon (Dreamworks) A charm of its own. I love this movie because it has reality in it. The main hero of the story is not your typical hero: he is small, not very muscular and has no bravery whatsoever when it comes to killing dragons. His father sees him as an embarrassment, and it puts our main character’s back against the wall. Only when he befriends and trains a dragon does our character, Hiccup, believe he is capable of doing more and taps into his bravery to save the Vikings from the Queen of Dragons. Hiccup and Toothless change the way the people of Berk think.

  • 3. Frozen (Disney) I’m pretty sure most of us are still singing the many famous songs from the movie. “Let it Go,” “In Summer,” and “For the First Time in Forever” are just a few of those tunes. This fairytale is unlike many others; it isn’t about true love featuring a prince and a princess. It is about the love between two sisters, and how one of the sisters, Elsa, deals with her powers, as well as how she learns to let go of the past. And with the sequel coming out in November, I’m pretty sure many people can’t wait to find out where our lovable band of characters’ next adventure will take them.

  • 4. The Incredibles (Disney: Pixar) Much like a Marvel movie, The Incredibles takes us into the world of Superheros, but it puts us in a reality where people believe that “superheros are unsafe, they are dangerous.” It follows Mr. Incredible and his family on their journey to gain back superhero rights. Mr. Incredible goes off on his own secret missions while putting his life on the line. He comes to face his old super fan as the main villain. This movie unfolds a great story of family, superheroes, and what happens when we are unable to protect ourselves.

  • 5. The Lion King (Disney) An all-time classic. The music: if that doesn’t get you to love it, then the story arc of the film will. From fleeing from one’s past, to making new friends, to learning from the past, and finally, to rising to become king. Simba’s journey throughout the film after his father dies (*Spoiler Alert*- for those who haven’t seen the movie) is one that will be a memorable aspect and theme for Disney as they continue to make movies. And always remember, “Hakuna Matata!”

  • 6. Shrek (Dreamworks) Shrek is not like most traditional fairy tales, where the prince slays a dragon to save the princess. Our hero is a big, fat, smelly, green ogre named Shrek. Unlike most knights with trusty steeds by their sides, Shrek has the fun and lovable, but slightly annoying, Donkey. The two are trusted with a task from Lord Farquaad to rescue Princess Fiona (princess by day, ogre by night) from the Dragon’s Keep, with Shrek only wanting to get his swamp back. Over the course of the film, we see the trio become good friends, and Shrek begins to fall for Fiona. There is an inspiring message from the story: be who are and that’s the best “you” possible. And yes, even an ogre can find true love, because he is a believer.

  • 7. Toy Story 3 (D: Pixar) If this movie didn’t leave you in tears back in 2010, then we must have seen something different. A grown-up Andy is seen going off to college and realizing he doesn’t need his toys any more. Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the crew are then sent to Sunnyside Daycare, a place perceived to be happy and fun. But little to their knowledge, Sunnyside is a corrupt, vial place run by Lotso, the strawberry-scented teddy bear. The memorable ending teaches that growing up is a part of life and that children need to let go even when it’s hard.

  • 8. Kung Fu Panda (Dreamworks) Great story, funny, and charming. This Dreamworks film follows Po the panda on his journey from a noodle chef’s son to becoming the Dragon Warrior. Even though he had doubts about Master Shifu, and the furious five, Po is able to overcome obstacles and prove to Master Shifu that he can become the Dragon Warrior. The movie reminds us that anyone can be a hero as Po defies all challenges to become the dragon warrior.

  • 9. Peter Pan (Disney) An all time classic. When I was a kid watching this movie, all I wanted was to be Peter Pan. I thought he was the bravest kid out there. About a boy who never grows up, Peter and his three mates, Wendy, John and Michael, travel to Neverland, where kids don’t ever grow up. Throughout the film, we meet the lost brothers tribe, swim with mermaids, dance with Indians, battle Captain Hook, and keep an eye out for a tick-tock crocodile. The movie is inspiring to many kids because its message is that even though you are growing up, always believe and never let go of your dreams because “You can fly, you can fly, you can fly…”

  • 10. Bolt (Disney) I assume many of you are wondering why I chose this one to round out my top 10, and it’s because I deeply enjoyed this movie when I was younger. I loved how Disney portrays the relationship between Penny and Bolt, how they make Bolt believe he was a superhero, only to have reality hit him hard. The journey of Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino takes them across the country as Bolt tries to get home to his owner, Penny. But in the end, Bolt becomes a true superhero when he defies superhero powers and lies down by Penny’s side and stays with her. I loved the story of the anti-hero and the relationships that are built throughout the film.