The Life Skills Class Introduces Bubbly Bears!

Izabella Mancini

Bubbly Bears is a laundromat in our own school! The kids in Life Skills will wash gym pinnies, uniforms, and nurses’ blankets as well as extra clothes and soiled items from all around the district. The Bubbly Bears will take orders, pick up clothes, wash and dry them, and deliver them back to those who placed the order.
To kick off the Bubbly Bears laundry service, the members of the class held a small ribbon cutting ceremony. They explained how their project was planned to work and how grateful they were for the grant they received from the district. The enthusiastic Bubbly Bears made food for their guests to enjoy at the Grand Opening. And they received their very first order from the custodians at BHS!

The kids are extremely excited to be involved in this project. They are looking forward to the business catching on and all the Life Skills students claim that they can’t wait to start having fun doing laundry.

Abrianna Lacin said the best part of being a Bubbly Bear is folding the clothes. When asked about her involvement, she said, “I am very excited to be a part of Bubbly Bears!”