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Brewster High School Performs Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”

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The lights dimmed, the solemn tones of hymns dying out as the stone structure on the stage lit up with an unearthly red glow. Silent, three witches crawled forth from the gaps, creeping along the stage toward us and leering at our discomfort. They rose, cackling filling the theater as we were all held in rapt fascination. They scattered as the sounds of battle rose, and with that, Macbeth had begun.

      The Shakespearean drama was enacted by the esteemed actors and actresses of the Brewster High School music wing, who elegantly portrayed the Old English prose through their expressive and enchanting performance. Audience members were transported to 11th century Scotland, where warrior Macbeth’s cupidity for power, along with his wife’s, quickly resulted in his own destruction.

      Between the costumes, the sets, the hair, and the make-up, the show truly came alive. The crew’s hard work shone through in the impeccable construction of the set and in the quick and efficient scene changes. The actors and actresses even used the aisles as a means of entry to the stage, marching to and from battle or parading drunkenly through the seats.

      The atmosphere of the play was further emphasized by the presence of the bagpipe player, who even wore a traditional kilt. The cellist provided additional accompaniment to the often solemn tone of the show, and the sound of drums preceded Macbeth’s first appearance, as well as many other notable scenes. As one of Shakespeare’s darkest works, the performers were often splattered with blood and, thanks to the make-up crew, their gory appearances always looked realistic. Their hair was artfully shaped and each costume was thoughtfully chosen to match the character’s disposition. If a performer needed to look like a king, he did. A bloody soldier, he did. An insane and power-thirsty wife, she did.

      The play was also perfectly casted: every role was played flawlessly, and there was not a single person who could have better portrayed each character. Each cast member was genuinely dedicated to their performance and their articulation of the challenging prose was undoubtedly impressive. Macbeth, played by Spencer Flash, Lady Macbeth, played by Maudie Carey, and Malcolm, played by Brandon Salamone, are just a few of the individuals who spoke hundreds of lines with pure cadence and vibrant expressions.

      In only two short months, director Robert LoAlbo put together an exquisite showing of Macbeth, one that will surely echo in the minds of its audience members, along with the tune of bagpipes, for years to come.

-Kayla Pinzur, Allison McCarthy, and Megan Hoins

Photography by alumni Allie Russo

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Brewster High School Performs Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”