How Well Do You Know Brewster?


7. Brewster French pastry chef

8. New York Times reviewed as having the best milkshakes

10. Highly exclusive former AIG country club

11. Joe’s Hill Road legendary bleeding  sapling

13. Current spring school musical

15. Brewster mayor

16. NY train line that runs through Brewster

19. Bull and Barrel’s automated beast

20. Ice Arena Restaurant

21. 2015 school musical

22. Famous Kelly’s food item


1. Flooded abandoned iron mine

2. Local bestselling author of “Brewster”

3. Body of water haunted by “prom ghost”

4. Train station Korean War veteran

5. Village the Town of Brewster is In

6. Village art gallery

9. Number of Empire Cinemas screens

12. Brewster graduate Sopranos star

14. Disease “Mr. Brewster” fundraises for

17. Brewster Village thrift shop

18. Original Brewster farmland owner’s first name