Spirit Week Begins: Color Monday Pictures! (Now with even MORE photos!)

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Our roving reporter was on the beat this week!

Here’s what we discovered about your feelings and thoughts for Spirit Week:

What are your feelings for start of this year’s Spirit Week?

Nick (11):
“It’s amazing, I’m all for it. I really support the school.”
Alicia  (9): “Yes, it’s fun!”
Matt (12): “This year is kind of wack. Today is really good though.”
Natalie (9): “It is the most exciting week of the year.”
Mrs. Hamel and Mrs. Ferris: “I love it. It brings a spirit of community to the school.”
Samantha (11): “Coming together as a school. Getting pumped for the football game.”


What day are you most excited for this week?

Alicia (9): “USA Day”
Matt (12): “USA Day”
Natalie (9): “USA Day”
Mrs. Hamel and Mrs. Ferris: “Red, White and Blue Day.”
Samantha (11): “USA Day”


Do you like the color that was chosen for your group?

Nick (11): “Yellow has always been juniors’ color, so I kind of expected it.”
Alicia (9): “Yes, I love red.”
Matt (12): “I don’t mind it. I think it’s fine.”
Mrs. Hamel and Mrs. Ferris: “I like orange, It is seasonal.”
Samantha (11): “Yes.”