Horoscopes for December 2021


CapricornDec. 22 to Jan. 19 – The final eclipse of the year – a solar eclipse – happens on the 4th in your 12th house of spirituality. Last month’s eclipse impacted here and this one does even more so. Once again there is a need for change in your spiritual practice, teachings, and attitudes. The events of the eclipse and the interior things that happen will show what changes need to be made in your personal life. Overall, it is worth focusing this month on spiritual and material aspirations. Stay away from loud social events. Spend this time on reflection and more reflection!

AquariusJan. 20 to Feb. 18 – The solar eclipse of the 4th occurs in your 11th house of friends, provoking drama with some of your friendships. Some may be tested because of personal dramas going on in your friends’ lives. Though the eclipse brings some disturbance, December promises a number of opportunities for your own personal growth, which you should grab and proceed with courage. The month favors good relationships too, and they go a long way in your success. It is important to consolidate your accomplishments, before engaging yourself in fresh projects. The cosmos are pushing you towards your strengths – the areas that you most love and are best at.

PiscesFeb. 19 to March 20 – The month for Pisces is characterized by a Venus and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. This transit is happening in your 11th house, intensifying the fervor of platonic relationships. You can expect to feel somewhat needy of your friend’s attention, so be mindful not to be too clingy. It’s important to realize where that need is coming from to see if you’re not using friendships and group outings as an escape route to your problems. Pluto deals with subconscious fears, and in the 11th house, the fear of missing out is likely to be part of this transit’s experience.

AriesMarch 21 to April 20 – This month for Aries is colored by a Venus and Pluto conjunction happening in Capricorn. This happens in your 10th house and is likely to get you hyper-involved in your career and public life. The best keyword to describe this conjunction is “obsession.” This could be both good or bad, depending on your circumstances. It could rekindle a fire within you towards unfinished projects, or even just a general surge of inspiration and motivation to grow. Be careful with being too eager to advance, as your passion may be there, but the world may not be going at your pace. Let that inner fire build-up and carry it into the New Year!

TaurusApril 21 to May 21 – With this new month that finds Uranus in Taurus, you are beginning a new cycle that is driven by your practicality yet inventive and clever nature. Taking innovative concepts and bringing them to life as real, attainable goals is your strong suit, but getting stuck in the mud must be avoided at all costs. Additionally, your disposition this month will be great and optimistic, though you should still continue to maintain good physical and mental health. Regular exercise and a healthy diet will keep you in excellent shape. Avoid anxiety by creating clear scheduling of your activities. Relaxation techniques such as meditation will greatly benefit you.

GeminiMay 22 to June 20 – December of Gemini starts with a Venus and Pluto conjunction making a strong statement of what this month is all about. This transit intensifies our need for love in all shapes and forms. Since this event is happening in your 8th house, so attraction towards other people’s possession may be a theme, a dangerous mentality to fall under because it focuses on the things we lack in life. Gratitude exercises will be extremely beneficial through this transitional period since they will help alleviate the pressure to find a sense of self-worth through external means. Additionally, the new moon occurs in Sagittarius and forms a solar eclipse, which will closely conjunct with Mercury. This feeling will bring a sense of wonder and excitement upon you in this month ahead. Since this event is happening in your 7th house, you can expect some of your intimate relationships to flourish and advance to the next level, for Mercury’s influence provides a sense of mutual understanding.

CancerJune 21 to July 22 – The new moon and solar eclipse this month happen in Sagittarius. This means the moon will be in your 6th house, making labor and purpose quite a big concern. Especially as the year ends, reflecting on what you have and haven’t achieved this year will be almost inevitable. It’s essential to take a lesson from the moon’s book and be receptive during this lunation. Take the time to meditate on answers to your questions about success and failure. If you feel defeated because you didn’t get to that big goal by the end of the year, instead of dwelling on it, take this time to assess what you did wrong so you don’t repeat the same mistake in the coming year.

LeoJuly 23 to Aug. 22 – Welcome to December, Leo! At the end of November, you fought your outgoing nature by laying low to avoid eclipse drama. As this hectic year comes to a close, stress levels are high. When communication planet Mercury enters bossy Sagittarius on Tuesday, December 1, people will not be afraid to say how they feel, even if they’re less tactful than they should be about it. You can keep your side of the street clean, Leo, and don’t let people get under your skin. Additionally, the position of the ascendant sun and Mercury in the fifth house and Jupiter in the seventh house will most likely keep things smooth and stable in terms of relationships.

VirgoAug. 23 to Sept. 22 – When the Venus and Pluto conjunction occurs in Capricorn, this will intensify our passions and create a strong bond between our desires and our will. This transit is happening in your 5th house, which could indicate a need for party and extravagance. Though this transit couldn’t be more exciting for you, you’ll need to make a real effort to not get yourself into any trouble. Pluto can make us obsessive, especially when combining with Venus. The influence of Capricorn in this transit can also add to that feeling, making you somewhat one-track-minded. Be willing to change course when necessary, and you’ll be able to use these energies without having to deal with any side-effects. Be mindful that not all that glitters is gold: some of it is just glitter.

LibraSept. 23 to Oct. 22 – The Pluto and Venus conjunction is in Capricorn, instigating profound and passionate moments. Still, whenever Pluto interacts with other planets, there’s a tendency for that planet’s characteristics to be blown out of proportion. This event is happening in your 4th house of home and family, symbolizing an obsession with comfort. You may try a bit too hard to stay within your comfort zone, but Capricorn is not necessarily the sign to deliver ease. The sign’s influence will make the ease that you’re looking for one that will have to be achieved through great effort. This situation doesn’t mean that your well-deserved rest is not coming, but there may be a few things that need to be done before you can get to it.

ScorpioOct. 23 to Nov. 21 – Venus and Pluto conjunction is happening in Capricorn in December. This occurrence will be happening in your 3rd house of communication and learning. A Venus transit through this house could heighten your desire to be involved in artistic or even poetic endeavors. There’s a chance of romanticizing mundane experiences. And with the added influence of Pluto in there, this feeling can be pushed to an extreme. The end of the year might bring upon some nuances for you, but the year will come to a close on an excellent note as Jupiter finally ingresses into Pisces. This transit roughly lasts all of next year, and it will bring luck and prosperity to whatever area of life it shows up in. This event is happening in your 5th house, and there couldn’t be a better house for this transit to occur. This area is the place of joy, creativity and entertainment.

SagittariusNov. 22 to Dec. 21 – December will be the month in which you will significantly feel that your popularity is increasing day by day. Frequent meetings on social conditions, during which many interesting acquaintances will be established, are not excluded. Some of them will be very promising for the future, because they can have a significant relationship with heart issues. Therefore, open your eyes and ears wide, observe what is happening in your surroundings, and do not give up any opportunity to meet – both with closer friends and further ones. Additionally, December will be full of action. You might have many tasks at hand with only a few bars of energy left, but don’t give up. Your energy needs will replenish soon. If you need a break, go for it. Also, make sure not to forget about your physical and mental health.